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Facebook isn’t all that there is to scaling e-commerce. Meet Hades.

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Get traffic through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, Snapchat, Youtube, and even billboards. This omni channel approach has served consistently profitable ROI for our clients.

Our team has worked with brands you’ve actually heard about.

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Others call it an omni channel approach. We call it marketing run by Hades.


We’ve scaled multiple businesses from 5 to 7 figures.

Rocket Launching

Social network

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest & Snapchat

Business Essentials

Google PPC Suite, Youtube Ads & Conversion Rate Optimization

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Native Advertising

Content Recommendations & In-feed Native Ads

Baby throwing money

Your Database

SMS & Email Marketing

A workflow that delivers on your KPIs.

Our approach lets us understand your brand, target audience, and the key issues that your product solves. You can call it our 6-step process for advertising and scaling brands to 7 figures and beyond.


Your account analysis.

Grant viewer access to your Facebook & Google Ads Managers and Google Analytics - we’ll tell you the good, the bad, and the could be better. Actionable suggestions included.


E-commerce strategist consultation.

Discuss business goals, processes, and the trends that you could utilise for scaling. We’ll run over S.01’s analysis and notes for our plan. If all sounds good, we’ll start working together.


Competitor & market research.

Knowledge matters, so before we start advertising for you, we run an in-depth research. This helps us understand exactly what the customer is wishing for, and sell on that when we launch the ads.


Trial & testing.

This is the big launch. We run ads, test audiences, adsets, creatives, adjust, and test anew. Eventually, we find what works best.


Either a yes or a no.

We run over the results and evaluate the dynamics between us & you. If all parties are happy, we develop a strategy for further work.


Omni channel presence established.

We plan out and implement an omni channel marketing strategy that covers all advertising mediums relevant for your business.


Execution & making bank. 💸

We execute the plan, adapt quickly, and scale you all the way to Mount Olympus. We visit the bank on the way to celebrate your wins, too.

We help direct to consumer brands acquire customers in paid media channels on a pay-per-result model.


7.5X Increase In Revenue Over 6 Months

  • Similar ROAS with a 7.5X increase in ad spend
  • Website CRO that increased conversions by 2%
  • Average monthly revenue of $2M+
  • Omni channel marketing implementation
  • Facebook 5.6 ROAS —> 24.82 ROAS
  • AU$2,16MM generated overnight
  • Pre-launch research for winning angles
  • Broad reach with minimum spend
  • Facebook 3.9 ROAS -> 12.56 ROAS
  • Google 4.12 ROAS
  • Remarketing to influencers’ followers
  • Omni channel marketing implementation

Key figures

Product: customizable gifts Market: U.S. Monthly Budget: $1M


The client seeked to multiply sales — this would help achieve economies of scale, and reduce the cost of goods sold. Our task was to increase their sales by revving up the ad spend without compromising returns.

Who are we?

Hades has been known as the giver of wealth in ancient greek history.

It's back now.

Increase your revenue without compromising profitability. Try Hades.

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