Baby Throwing Money
Hades media

Earn $4,000 For Each Successful Referral

Help us help small businesses overcome the biggest obstacles of scaling their ecommerce businesses. For every business that purchases our trial package, you’ll earn a $4,000 referral fee. That’s right, even if they don’t become a client post-trial, you will still get paid. Yes, it’s that simple.

Don’t Just Say ‘No’ to Clients. Refer them to us and Make Money.

As Hades Media partner, you will be able to refer clients you don’t have time to take on or simply don’t offer the service they’re asking for.

Hades Media helps businesses of all sizes scale and reach the next level. Others call it Omni-Channel Marketing. We call it Marketing done by Hades.

How it works


Refer a business.

Fill out the easy-to-use referral form. We'll let the business know that you're looking out for their business' best interests. Or simply send a group email.


They sign up with us.

When your referral signs up, we'll email you with the good news.


You get paid! 💸

After your referee signs the contract, we will pay you within 50 days. Additional $4,000 will look pretty good in your bank account.

By becoming a partner you agree to the partnership Terms and Conditions